In 1920, Fred M. Luth opened his namesake business drilling oil wells in Texas before he moved back to St. Louis and began drilling water wells. Today, our experienced crews and subcontractor partners install and rehabilitate sewers and waterlines utilizing a wide array of trenchless technologies (including “drilling”).

Are you an Owner or Engineer needing to avoid the disruption of open trenching on an upcoming project? Fred M. Luth & Sons, Inc. has the experience and skills required to complete your trenchless installation without avoidable complications and delays. Our projects utilize a wide array of trenchless technologies including tunneling, boring, directional drilling, sliplining, pipebursting, pipe ramming, and cured in place pipe lining. Our crews have attracted national recognition through our low impact microtunneling work. Our experienced personnel and extensive inventory of sheet piling and engineered shoring systems allow us to quickly and efficiently install deep shafts for a variety of trenchless installations.

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